Saturday, December 01, 2007


This is being Ricky Villabona, super low-end style. These are no Kate Spades, but they're cute and are pretty useful around the house or when going to Divisoria or the nearby supermarket. And guess what, I'm giving away some for Christmas! They are called sakonites, but I'd rather call them e-totes. Environment-friendly totes. I got these from Oriental in Clark Field.

I have two (2) extra of these Rembrant totes. A self portrait of the master ("Self Portrait with A Cap, Openmouthed", etching, 1630). It has a STOP AIDS NOW mark at the bottom portion.

This pink bag is for the girls at work. Nice, 'no? it could be kitschy, could be pop but they can use this for that short trip to the beach or the salon.


I do not know exactly what these were intended for (anyway, they are for books, plastic bric-a-brac or tetra bricks and, well, paper. Or so I think that's what the words mean), but you can use these to separate your dry trash or laundry at home or to separate your kids' stuff (toys, books, etc). These were issued by the City Council of Barcelona (originally) but reproduced in China.

There are Velcro strips so you can keep them together. If you want a complete set of these (I have 9 sets I am giving away), let me know ASAP. First come, first served.


miss imagineer said...

wow what a giveaway... how can i get a set of those colorful tote bags? =) i really want to have one, hehe...

Darkle said...

ako din! hehehe can u send it to baguio?

Redjeulle said...

penge please ng may velcro straps... yey thanks