Tuesday, December 25, 2007


LRT1 tracks, Gil Puyat Station

There's a pall over the household this Christmas season. I feel it, my cousins feel it except probably for my dog, Turnip, and my Yaya. It's still a month away from today, but we're already preparing for the first death anniversary of my Mom. Christmas was definitely not the same without her. The house would have been alive because of the gifts she would normally prepare for practically everyone in her office. I have accompanied her on many occassions in choosing unusual gifts and I have definitely ran out of patience during these trips ( I have no patience for shopping except perhaps for DVDs). Mom is a very difficult shopper. She will not stop until she is satisfied with an item.

Anyway, I decided long ago that I will not decorate the house this year even if I have enough tivoli lights to light up the house inside and out (excess lights from the St. Scholastica event). My Yaya, however, won't have none of it so when I was out of the house from December 21 and 22 for weddings I had to arrange, she decided to put up the belen with garish red tivolis to booth.

Awww. Malungkot na nga daw ang pasko, 'di pa mag-lalagay ng decor. Oo nga naman.

Anyway, I decided to go to work on Christmas eve. Logged in at 8PM and exited at 6AM feeling all groggy. No season's greetings in the office, the office didn't bother to send food for those doing the graveyard shift, and I snubbed the potluck. My Uncle, who works for the Senate, kept my Yaya company while I was out.

Please forgive me if I am given to drama these days. Despite the trials that we went through this year and the past years, we are still thankful for so many things. One, that it's all over. My friends keep reminding me that Mom is already in a far better place, where pain and sadness are non-existent. Second, that we have friends who saw us through the trials even if they were experiencing trials of their own. Third, that business was good this year and it's bound to get even better in 2008. I may have to make a major decision in February that will totally change the course of my life, but that really depends on a lot of things. Complications, complications.

I have a loooong To-Do List for next year. Resolutions are out. To-Do Lists are in. All least the items come with a target date of completion (if you are obsessive-compulsive enough!). I pray to God for a better year for me and for everyone close to my heart.

May we all have a truly merry CHRISTmas.

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