Sunday, September 17, 2006


Photo by Dylan Gozum
Reflection of ceiling design on the floor of the Alan Fraser Activity Center, SPi

The title of this entry was brought to you by Milo. The Official Energy Drink (not mine).

Now, the headlines. I am just about well and yes, the viral phase of my flu is over. I'm moving on to antibiotics now.

I finally finished the second season of Desperate Housewives last Saturday night. After 20 CDs, I realized that the initial fun I felt when i first saw the series has shifted to irritation. Simply speaking, it's all about a bunch of stupid women who do not know what to do with their lives, who do not appreciate what they already have, and do not recognize a blessing even if it were dangling right infront of their made-up faces. Sheeeesh! And the one-liners? 'Nuff said.

As of this writing, I am still about 900 (more or less) DVDs behind schedule (what to do, what to do, what to do?!). In this regard, I can only congratulate JGC for being "healed". Being "healed" here means not having bought half of what's being sold in stalls for the period of one month. Yes, it's almost pathological! All this compulsion to buy DVDs and not have the time to watch them! (Lately, that applies to books too, not thanks to recent booksales).

My only recent purchase was HOSTEL. Yes, that abomination from Quentin Tarantino which reminded me of teenage horror flicks which were banned in the household when I was kid because they were teeming with sex and gore. I mean, what the hell was that movie all about?! (Have you noticed how people switch between using 'film" and "movie" to describe a picture? "Film" is reserved for the good ones, and "movie" is appended to something that is trying hard to be a, well, movie.) To think the Two Jeromes saw that during a date. Hah, I bet that gave them enough reason to hug each other tighter!

A shoutout, by the way, to Mariel Santos. I hope your Mom has finally found an excellent neurologist here in Manila. Another shoutout to a friend, Dr. Joenie Almeida, who is enjoying his practise in good, old Savannaaaah! Thanks so much for the mail! I will email back ASAP.

Congratulations to Mike Santos of the Mango Farm, by the way. I heard that ballroom is rising so fast it'd blow the competition away. They wouldn'y even know what hit them, huh? I'd love to see that building soon. Mike says it's like a boat docked on a pier. How's that sound for ballroom? Picture of it will be posted here soon.

Have a great week ahead of you, guys!

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