Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Busy, busy Tuesday. A dizzying series of meetings started at 4PM. The Employee Relations called all clubs together to discuss - the Halloween Party on October 21. *incredulous look on face*

Then I had a quick meeting with the Writers Guild over dinner. Updated the look of our literary blog (www.backspacers.blogspot.com) and emailed photos to several people (their own photos, not mine).

What else happened today? Uhm, the meeting sort of relaxed the tense environment between me and our Workshop Manager. I hope all is well already. I have the tendency kasi to be dictatorial, but i'd rather call those as judgement calls. Sometimes you just have to decide on the spot. Haaayy...

Tomorrow, another meeting with the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at 11 AM. What have I gotten myself into?! Help!

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Anonymous said...

i'll always be here for you.