Saturday, September 09, 2006


Had the most exhausting day today. We hosted the 2nd of our 5-series writing workshop in my office. The participants had a blast as the guest speakers, the Alitaptap Storytellers' Club, were so much fun. At 21 and 22 years old, respectively, Rey and Posh were such a delight to watch teaching reading - and acting - of short stories to a bunch of public school teachers and company employees. Today wasn't as exhausting as last month's though wherein our guest was AdMU / Philippine Star's Rica Bolipata-Santos (yes, of THE Bolipata family of artists). She did Introduction to Creative Fiction.

I have some happy news. Well, kind of happy, but it scares the hell out of me. The CEO of the company I work for read our publication and said that he was "blown away" (by what, I'm not telling so that I can still keep a little sense of humility) and wants to hold a dialogue with us ASAP to discuss how our writers guild can integrate our projects into the workplace. Sheeesssh.... Do we get extra pay for this? *crosses fingers*

Anyway, here's what I'm listening to currently:
This has the immortal hits Killing me softly, Where is the love, and The first time I ever saw your face. Long live Roberta!
Just like the album above, this one is likewise a celebration of an era where good music ruled. This double-CD treasure trove, however, features the voices of today's hottest bands on what can be considered fresh versions of APO hits like Yakap sa dilim, Panalangin, Ewan, and the iconic Blue jeans. A must buy if only to relive memories of years gone by.
My second Il Divo album, i love Je Croi en toi (I believe in you). Very haunting and powerful. Try playing this in an excellent player with sound surround and let it soothe your senses. Unfortunately, most artists now always do pieces with Celine Dion as if it is a mark that they've "arrived." Humbug! Artistry is the only way to go, guys.


Anonymous said...

IL Divo? Eeewww. Double cheese with extra cheese. He he. I know why you like them...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Did you earnestly ask for a raise? :-)


Hmmm... the meeting hasn't been arranged by the HR Director yet. I hope your China trip went well! :-)

><( ;> said...

Ditto with anonymous re Il Divo. What were you thinking?!