Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I recall reading Ayn Rand's defining work ATLAS SHRUGGED in college and how I got hooked on the idea of objectivism. However, my mother chanced upon the book lying on the couch in our house in Pampanga and after a cursory check, asked me to stop reading it. Yes, she may be the in-house MTRCB of sorts (she has rejected several films from my collection from being shown in her presence) but she does have her reasons. Needless to say, I ended up reading THE FOUNTAINHEAD as well, and bought two more books by Rand - both collections of essays. I wouldn't mention their titles here as they are too high-brow and I honestly haven't had the chance to actually finish reading them. Suffice to say that I was on an Ayn Rand mode for a year or two, even used RAND as a chat username (how cheap!) and managed to get the kind of attention I wasn't actually asking for but a welcome one nonetheless. Came across a photo of this nice, nice sweater the other day and bham!, it was Rand-landia all over again. So much for reminiscing.

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ms_v said...

Nice sweater. I got hooked to reading Ayn Rand too in College. That book made me think. My favorite line is..."happiness is joy without guilt"