Thursday, December 08, 2005


Working towards the UN Millenium Development Goal's 201 target is driving everyone in a frenzy these days, especially NGOs and social development agencies of governments around the world.

Since my Mom is working in the education sector, her NGO has used the CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL (CFS) as the central theme in achieving the goals set in education. She has travelled from Pangasinan in the north to Camotes in the south to lecture on this topic. Hopefully, everyone concerned should be able to come up with doable action plans in order to uplift the situation in their areas.
In some of my trips to these areas, I have heard people say that NGOs have become their direct source of support when it comes to funding their programs. In fact, local DepEd offices have become so dependent on NGOs for funding: from trainings to "exposure" trips. I've read somewhere that almost US$40 billion have been poured by several NGOs into Philippine development since the 70s. What happened?

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