Monday, September 26, 2005


Designing for The Mango Farm's participation in the 2nd Kasalan 2005 Wedding Exhibition has been very fulfilling. We received very heartwarming raves about the solid image we have projected at the exhibit, which is good.
Today, I came across this article by Augusto Villalon regarding how creative industries may yet save the Philippines. Regardless of the seemingly messianic tone of the title, it's really the rise of what they call "the creative class" that is giving a lot of a people a chance to improve their lives.

At the fair, this can be very much observed. The development of the wedding industry has created jobs down the line - from singers, musicians, florists, photographers, coordinators, make-up artists, venue managers and owners, and staff (waiters, cooks) and workmen. It is truly amazing how the industry has blossomed into what it is now.

Creativity has never been as exciting as in these recent years. Whether culture remains to be part of creativity is yet to be seen given the foreign influences on many designers. For now, what matters more is job creation.

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