Friday, July 29, 2005


These were to be disposed by somebody (name witheld to prevent lifetime embarassment) and earmarked for "donation" to only-God-knows-where.

How could we just throw away books? Sad, very sad.

1.) MGA IBONG MANDARAGIT by Amado V. Hernandez, National Artist for Literature (1973)

2.) STUART LITTLLE by E.B.White. This particular copy, with illustrations by Garth Williams, was printed in 1974.

3.) HISTORY OF SOUTHEAST ASIA by BR Pearn, Professor of History in the University of Yangon. I'm just fond of history books, that's all. This book, by the way, was published in 1970.

Before we throw away books, maybe we should look at them a little closer. We might just realize their value.

Incidentally, National Historical Institute (NHI) Executive Director Ambeth Ocampo has a similar article today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Read it here.

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Jesy said...

Lucky books! (And lucky you!) :)