Monday, July 25, 2005


We don't have many artworks hanging on our walls at home. In fact there's only one painting, which was executed in 1970. It was a commissioned work by an uncle, then doing his Doctoral in Mathematics at the Ateneo, to interpret a certain theory he had in mind. At any rate, we have yet to find somebody to interpret the formula for us. The painting, however, speaks for itself.

All the rest are recently-framed vintage photographs, a yellowed diploma (not mine), three elephants from the 1995 trip to Patthaya, and film posters in my room.

What, however, is lacking in visible artwork, I compensated for the many volumes of books in our household. This photo is that of the Altar to Literature I "made" a week ago. This used to be full of DVDs but everything has been moved upstairs (see related entry here).

Now, this recess in the wall between the 1st and 2nd floors contains a third of my library interspersed with a plastic image of the Virgin from Lourdes (brought home by my Grandfather during a pilgrimage in the 60's) and photos of myself and my mother. All the rest are small gifts i've received when I was still living in Cebu some time back.

Very nice to look at especially when the votive candles are lighted. I feel its an artwork in itself.

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