Thursday, July 24, 2008


Adam and Steve
Directed by Craig Chester; USA - 100 minutes, In English

Combining irreverent humor and heartfelt romance, Adam & Steve co-opts American cinematic 'formulas', namely the romantic comedy and movie musical, and turns them inside out while paying homage to them at the same time. Adam & Steve follows the romantic trajectory of two people struggling to make love work in spite of overwhelming odds. Having met in the 80's after a disastrous one night stand, Adam (Craig Chester) & Steve (Malcolm Gets) don't recognize each other when they meet again fifteen years later. With the help of their best friends, formerly obese stand up comic Rhonda (Parker Posey) and ladies man Michael (Chris Kattan of Saturday Night Live), our protagonists fall in love only to realize, a year into their relationship, that they met before and unwittingly changed the course of each other's lives that fateful night in the 80's.

I saw this at the Cine Adarna of UP Diliman with a friend last Thursday night. I went there to interview her on her upcoming one-woman photo exhibit and also to take note of the schedule of Cinemalaya 2008 at Adarna. I never realized how cavernous the UP Film Center was until that night: an 800-seater, spacious and freezing cold theatre with somewhat bad acoustics but it had nice, clean red-faux leather seats. Anyway, if my eyes were turbines, I would have created enough electricity to power this part of Metro Manila. Adam & Steve is a tribute to all that is formulaic in American films. Just leave your life issues at home, sit back and enjoy it.

Cinemalaya 2008 @ UP Diliman

July 28
Baby Angelo, 5PM
Concerto, 7.30PM

July 29
Jay, 5PM
Huling Pasada, 7.30PM

July 30
Brutus, 5PM
Namets, 7.30PM

July 31
100, 5PM
My Fake American Accent, 7.30PM

August 4
Boses, 5PM
Ranchero, 7.30PM

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