Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yes, I'm quoting from the musical Oliver! on this rainiest of days. What started as an innocent rain has turned into a downpour after lunch (Typhoon Helen has arrived), so I went out and took photos of the problem areas of the farm for future reference (yes, it's called "work").

Don't you just love this photo? So enchanting (except for flooding on the Farm's newest road network).

There's a fast stream of water flowing down the pathway leading to the pavilion. Ang saya!

The strong rains and wind has soaked some of the baby cribs which I'd be using for the upcoming wedding congress during the latter part of the month.

Awwww.... Dapat talaga may ganitong shot? Feeling Guernica.

Flooding also on this part of the gazebo. The water goes down to the swamp via the pavilion pathways.

Water from the upper plaza goes down the pathway and empties into this sewer.

Water pools near the pond infront of the house.

The pond itself will begin to overflow if the rains doesn't stop any time soon.

A busted pipe confronted me this morning as I got to work. The water supply has since been restored, thanks to the caretaker, but the repairs left gaping holes in this plot.

Must. Repair. This. The. Soonest. Possible. Time. Before. Visitors. See. It. Dyahe.

Meanwhile, as all hell breaks loose, the Farm cat preens himself on the Depression-period couch in the foyer. Now THAT's a fine, fine life!

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