Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Thanks for all those who sent get-well messages. I can start to move my left arm again. The swelling has reduced quite considerably, but the movement is still limited and slow but I can touch my face and head again, yipee!

I had my BUA done STAT yesterday at St. Camillus Polymedic Clinic in Pasig and what I've known for many years was finally confirmed: my uric acid has skyrocketed. I think the same thing is happening to The Fish Out of Water.

I am currently on Allopurinol and Cataflam and will return to see the doctor on the 16th of April. I have suffered from gout since my med school days and have kept on postponing the lab test because the drug I was taking was working anyway. Lesson learned.

Anyway, all is well. Cheers!

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dai said...

cute mo palang maging retarded ^-^ labyu!