Sunday, April 27, 2008


You know, I just saw the video where a canister of cologne spray was found imbedded in a 39-year-old patient's rectum and I think it was very educational, to say the least. Medical people do this kind of thing almost all the time (the filming & taking photos, not the embedding) especially in training hospitals like Vicente Sotto. I did most of my duties there when I was a medical student in Cebu and we encountered a lot of really good (and rare) cases. In fact, if I had a camera then I probably would have amassed photos of cases by now.

The only mistake of whoever took the video was posting it on the internet. I am not quite sure if they supplied the name of the patient as well (I watched the video from Liveleak, not from Youtube) because THAT would definitly score a suspension for the physician or nurse. What if a student took the video and posted it? How will the law apply in this case?

Anyway, I admit I did smile when the surgeon, upon taking hold of the canister, opened it and attempted to spray the people around him. I don't know though if I would have done the same. It was made in jest, of course, given the, uh, weirdness of the situation before them. This isn't a rare case, of course. A similar incident happened last year in the Philippine General Hospital wherein a bottle of catsup (the story went nasty and said the brand was PAPA) was found lodged in a similar fashion.

A word of advise for those who love to experiment: DON'T DO IT. Seriously.

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