Saturday, October 20, 2007


It was 2AM and I was up working on my drawing board doing sketches for a certain event. I'm more creative at dawn when silence envelopes my surroundings. I also work better with yellow light than with white. Don't ask me why because I really don't know. The only distraction would be my dog, Turnip, who'd ask to be hugged and cuddled every now and then. Such a sweet dog (especially when he is asleep).

I think this was the same dawn that my Aunt had to be up early because she had to be on a trip or something. I really can't recall anymore. Anyway, I decided to make her breakfast. Heat water, done. Scramble eggs, done. Toast bread, teka!

I haven't been in the kitchen for a very long time now and my absence has dealt a severe blow to my culinary skills (or the lack thereof). Not only were the toasts toasted, they were charred beyond recognition. This all happened when I decided to retreat to the bathroom to do some more brainstorming (oh, I also am creative when in the bathroom. It helps me concentrate more) and one piece of bread actually decided to burst into flames (which gave me the burning desire to write this silly entry).

What a loser. Anyway, the eggs went well naman (they were a little bit dry though) but were good just the same. I toasted a fresh batch of pan de sal. Hmmm. Maybe I'm not that hopeless after all. Kitchen returnee's luck?

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duke said...

FYI: the DUKE is back. :)