Sunday, February 13, 2005


I got out of work as early as possible to avoid the EDSA traffic so I can make it in time for Russell Watson's Autograph Signing at The Podium.

At any rate, I got there on time (I'm really starting to develop this habit of being early! Nice, nice!). I decided to peruse the CDs being sold at the booth. Ooops, no REPRISE in Manila yet? I wonder why. Steve Alfafara, while on an official trip to Sydney, got me the Australian Edition of Reprise, with a white cover that's perfect for autographs.

I wasn't allowed to cross the cordon because "You didn't buy your CDs here, sir!". What a shocker. Manila is SO very commercial-minded. I could've have slapped her with the concert tickets and the Reprise album but hey, I had a nice day today so I won't let this tiny matter destroy my mood. Come to think of it, most of those who came here were buying a Watson album for the first time while I got my first 2-3 years ago! Kainis!

Eventually, the cordon was removed because only about 50 people came to have their CDs signed. I was embarrased for the organizers, and pity Watson.

At 6:45, Sir William Hayward walked in with his wife. At 7 sharp, THE VOICE was escorted into the venue by his burly bodyguard and some fierce-looking Pinoy bouncers.

Very orderly affair. I made some small chat with him as I gave my CDs one by one (that buys time, trust me) while making a remark that he must be tired ("Yes, I stayed in the hotel room all day and watched TV!") and wished he would perform Nella Fantasia next time he comes back ("You must have been the hundredth guy to ask me that. I really look forward to performing it when I return!"). I bumped into my friend, writer and filmaker Vince, earlier and he offered to take my photo with Watson. Great!

Watson leaves today for Manchester (what?! No Asian tour?). 'Till next time!

Now, the waiting begins for Josh Groban. Make that a date in June 2005.

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