Monday, February 07, 2005


Ah, Mondays! I really hate waking up on Mondays. There seems to be this interminable battle to get out of bed, with the bed pulling me back in at every opportunity it gets. Consequently, i have been worried that my air bed is leaking air. Sometimes, when i wake up at dawn (which usually pisses me off), i always feel the need to put on the pump again and return the bed to that comfortable firmness that i've always liked. Sigh. Even in sleeping, life's complications get in my way!!!


Had early lunch today. My neck muscles hurt like hell. I don't quite recall any instances yesterday where i strained them or something. I did have guests over: Steve, who rummaged through my DVDs like a kid out of school; and Ken, who simply needed someone to listen to his ramblings about his recent failed relationship. I was sad that i couldn't watch SIDEWAYS on DVD because the goddamn thing stopped playing after 10 minutes. Bad copy, bad quality. At 75 pesos, why am i complaining? Tsk!


Had fun reading Ray Arvin Rimorin's blogspot today ( He always brings laughter to what possibly could have been an awful rain now-sunny later day.

Thanks are in order, by the way to Grace Pamparo for welcoming me home this early. I really hope to see you guys again! Three years is really, really a long time.

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