Saturday, June 23, 2007


INFORMACION Y TURISMO. This is a Spanish-produced indie CD (this is the 3rd of the series) filled with original music and one or two knock-offs (one is a Carpenter song). One of my good finds during my super rare trips to Music One in Greenbelt. I call it my comfort CD because when I run out of new things to listen to, I go back to this. And then some....

Pan Am The Sound of 70s. The second of a series of three albums produced by Japanese artist Yoshinori Sunahara for that classic American airline Pan Am. A rather dull CD save for a few tracks which - thank God - bear a semblance to the idea of flight, and its lost glory. These tracks are cool and allow you to bob your head - even while in bed - and save your day from finally falling apart. Something nice to sleep to while imagining yourself in one of those (probably) comfy sleeper beds (first introduced by Philippine Airlines in their then brand-new 747-200s) that are so 70s!

The Original Shanghai Divas Redefined. This is my waking-up CD. A nice way to help you crawl out of bed and start the day (and for me, "start of the day" means 1 in the afternoon). It features electronica renditions of songs by well-known Shanghai divas like Bai Kwong and Chow Hsuan. My yaya bobs her head to this and actually requested me yesterday to turn up the volume. Hmmmmm.... Thanks to J for my copy of this one. It's been 3 years, methinks. How time flies.

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