Monday, January 08, 2007


Was going through some photos of my Western Visayas trip when I saw these shots of that very unique Mcdonald's store along Lacson Avenue in Bacolod (yeah, yeah!). It is a veritable museum of almost all the toys they've released in the Philippines. Very nice place. And hey, do you know that the milkshake was first reintroduced here and not in Manila?

Anyway, these will be the last pics from that wonderful trip. Over and out.


Stephen said...

Dylan, Lacson Avenue is in Bacolod City, not Iloilo City. :) You can opt not to have this published, ha? Just edit your write-up.

Senorito<- Ako said...

you really have a good eye and a good command of your camera. My camera's ISO400 is quite noisy so I'm limited to ISO200 tops ! :(

Will be trying noise removing software to see if it helps.

sayote queen said...

Nice pics! I have a relative in Iloilo but don't know exactly where eh. Nice! I hope someday I can visit this McDo store aka McDo Toys Museum :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen, thanks so much! I always get confused! 1st time visit pa kasi and the dates were to close to figure out where is which. Well, you should know too, hehe!

Senorito! Welcome back po. Thanks so compliments but the photos are all photoshopped. In fact, most of them have noise, some more than the others.

Sayote Queen, I am delighted by your visit. Salamat po ng marami! Yes, you must visit the store. Mamamanga ka talaga!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! walang ganito sa manila ah?!