Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got tagged by Redjeulle! Something to shake my blog from its perpetual stuporous state. Thanks so much!

1.) Catching up on sleep. (Don't you just hate being underemployed and you find yourself looking for a third job?)
2.) Watching DVDs with Mom (and that she actually enjoys the film).
3.) Receiving DVDs as gifts, especially those which I'd probably never find in my neighborhood source.
4.) Finding out that there's actually hope (in the guise of a good person) at the end of a long queue in a government office.
5.) Finding the most unusual things (shirts, decor, whatever). I'm a sucker for the unusual.
6.) Pay Day.
7.) Being able to capture something nice on film (another reason to blog).
8.) A nice massage after a haircut.
9.) Sliced peaches, ripe langka, avocados any time of the day.
10.) Cherry Coke and / or Pepsi Twist.
11.) Being able to read Inq7 and the online International Herald Tribune everyday.
12.) Hugs. Lots of it.

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