Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Dylan Yap Gozum, 4/F Harvardian University Malvar Street, Davao City (c. 1976)

Recently found a photo of myself at 1 year and 2 months. Yep, nobody had the inkling I'd grow up looking so different from when I was a kid. I mean, look at that: long straight brown hair and pale-looking skin (read: young).

Now? Sigh. I definitely bear signs of years of neglect.

The painting on the upper corner has just been reframed a week ago, thanks to the amazing handiwork of Recto framers (got lost in Manila looking for their shops), 24 years after we kept it rolled in a Staedler canister when we left Davao for Pampanga.

Will upload a photo of that painting later.

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mom said...

You have better pictures than this, Son! And your hair was light brown and gently curly...which made me proud..and made me feel embarassed at times!!What with comments like, "Ang pogi ng bata!".."Anak siguro ng Kano!" And they never appreciated the woman who was blessed to bear you!That's probably why the gods changed your looks!