Sunday, May 01, 2005


So sweet of Grace to make an entry of me in her VANITY SPEAKS. Thanks Doc!

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Dylan has this gimik in his blog called the "feature friend" for the week. I'm in it, complete with picture and the friendster write-up he made me. Still the same Dylan, always cooking up something new. I've known him since college as one of the most intelligent conversationalists and I've always had a high regard for his witty writing style. He opened the doors to photography for me, he assigned me a portion of the bulletin board of our Biophilic society to promote environmental awareness. It became a venue for my chosen art and eventually made "stars" out of fellow bio students. Always full of ideas and innovations while always striving to fulfill his visions, Dylan lead the university student government when we were seniors. Now his various interests and capability to excel in all of these give him the problem on how to roll several lifetimes into one.

Thanks for the blogspace, Dyls! As for the John Mayer video i put on your blog which you lost while changing templates, I don't remember the web address where I got it either. I'll try looking at some other sites, though..or i'll just put another video on your blog when I get the time :-)

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